Love is not a what,

but a how and a who.

It’s you.

There are moments that change our lives, that mark us. That moment for Greg and Kathy was in October 2014. They had begun talking about the next season of growth for Destiny and it was evident they needed to look outside the box: to create a space to be a haven for people of all walks of life, faiths, and cultures.

This was a unique and unorthodox vision, they were going after something that had never really been done before. They weren’t going to fulfill this vision on their own — they needed the whole community. This was the moment that changed our community and our region.

Community Center

Resources in the areas of Family, Education, Arts, Fitness and Community.

School Outreach

Through school partnerships, we have brought resources and events to students and families that need them.

Community Outreach

Our Community Outreach initiative has brought hundreds of events and services to our region.

Juliet Cramblit Community Resident

“Let me first say thank you to all involved in the Love Our City events. Your love and compassion for your community -- it is very much appreciated! ”

Phil OatesChairman, Buzz Oates Group of Companies

“Destiny has served the greater Rocklin community for decades. From family affairs and assistance to the underserved, to the annual Patriotic Night, they have done everything with compassion and quality. I am so proud of their latest (and greatest) endeavor…the Community Center. They will bring the creativity out of the youth. They will support marriages and assist in parenting. The Community Center will have an impact on the City of Rocklin and surrounding areas for years to come.”

Michelle LoiseauxCommunity Resident

“This place is amazing! A much needed place for families and youth. A safe environment for teens, a place for little ones to play and a place for parents to relax. All of the money from the gym and the coffee shop goes right back into the community center, so they can continue to provide FREE activities and classes for the community. ”

Bill HorbalyCommunity Resident

“This is an amazing place. A fantastic facility. They truly are community oriented providing a great service to Rocklin and beyond.”

Karen QuinlanPrincipal, Cirby Elementary School

“The Kimochi Social Skills group really gave our students some of the extra individual attention that they crave. The students in the group seem much better at labeling their feelings now. The more social skills they learn and positive role models in their lives, the more successful they will be in school. Thank you Destiny friends!”

Love Our City Team

Our Love Our City team is here to answer any questions you may have about our initiatives, mission, and services!

Greg & Kathy Fairrington
CEO & Founders
Tiffany Saathoff
Program Director
Eric Saathoff
Facilities Director
Tanner DiBella
Marketing Director
Debbie Bettencourt
School Outreach
Justin Blattel
School Outreach
Mechelle Porter
Community Outreach
Khristian Miller
Community Outreach
Scott Bryditzki
Community Partnerships